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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

The ramifications of affirmative action

--posted by Tony Garcia on 4/06/2005

Finally the truth is being felt.

The bigger and deeper problems with affirmative action are longer-term.

The people that advance because of A/A are not generally the best individuals to advance. This creates a deficiencey in the workplace. For example, if you have 100 brain surgeons you would want the top 100 brain surgeon students to become brain surgeons. Though with A/A you may not get the top 100...and that affects those are will be operated on by the non-top-100.

The next problem are the members of the top 100 that are not included into the top 100. They have a legitimate complaint about being excluded. It is like if for some reason the NBA Hall of Fame decided that they cannot include Michael Jordan because there are enough members of the Hall of Fame that are Tarheel alumni. In this story it might be the officers that sued.

The final big problem is the legitimacy of those who advanced. Clarance Thomas may forever have his credentials questioned. Was he capable of getting into law school without A/A? As one of the officers in the story put it:
Capt. Andra Williams, who was named in court as one of the black officers benefiting from Jones' discrimination, said he would have been promoted no matter who the chief was.
Maybe, and maybe not. We can never know that for certain because of the very questions that naturally arise with the existance of A/A.

End A/A now. It does no good for anyone...except those individuals that advance who otherwise would not be competent enough to advance on their own.


As a side note I want to apologize for the lack of posting this week. I have started a new job and the mayhem caused by the new training, new schedule, etc has caused a temporary diminishment of time available to read the news of the day.

Please be patient, stay tuned and we will see you tomorrow.


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