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Friday, April 08, 2005

See, I told you the slippery slope would continue

--posted by Tony Garcia on 4/08/2005

OK, I caught Holy Hell from people for comparing the pull-the-tubers to early Nazis. The reason is that the exact same arguments that the early Nazis used for Baby Knauer. I said that the Terry Schiavo case was a crossroads for this country. Do we find more respect for life or do we go another step down the road towards Hitler?

Granddaughter yanks grandma's feeding tube against the wishes of the Grandmother which were clearly stated in the living will. Worse than that Mae Magouirk, the 81-year-old woman being starved to death, is not in a "vegatative state".

The dehydration is being done in defiance of Magouirk's specific wishes, which she set down in a "living will," and without agreement of her closest living next-of-kin, two siblings and a nephew: A. Byron McLeod, 64, of Anniston, Ga.; Ruth Mullinax, 74, of Birmingham, Ala.; and Ruth Mullinax's son, Ken Mullinax.
The granddaughter's take?
"She has glaucoma and now this heart problem, and who would want to live with disabilities like these?"

The hospice's legal counsel, Carol Todd, even told the granddaughter (Beth Gaddy) that she did not have that power.
Todd explained that Gaddy had only a financial power of attorney, not a medical power of attorney, and Magouirk's living will carefully provided that a feeding tube and fluids should only be discontinued if she was comatose or in a "vegetative state" – and she was neither.
Beth did not care.
When Ken Mullinax and McLeod showed up at the hospice the following day, April 1, to meet with Todd and arrange emergency air transport for Magouirk's transfer to the University of Alabama-Birmingham Medical Center, Hospice-LaGrange stalled them while Gaddy went before Troup County, Ga., Probate Court Judge Donald W. Boyd...
So Gaddy did what any evil American would do...find a court that cares more about expediting cases than life.
and obtained an emergency guardianship over her grandmother. Under the terms of his ruling, Gaddy was granted full and absolute authority over Magouirk, at least for the weekend. She took advantage of her judge-granted power by ordering her grandmother's feeding tube pulled out, just hours after it had been inserted.
I told you it would get worse.

This is not a red-state/blue-state thing beyond the fact that opportunist liberals are trying to make it such. This is a matter of life and death. This is a matter of not repeating the mistakes of Nazi Germany.


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