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Monday, October 31, 2005

Who is full of hatred and venom

--posted by Tony Garcia on 10/31/2005

So, I went to the Daily Kos to get reaction to the Alito appointment. The reaction was of no surprise but I wanted to take a moment to reiterate the question of who exactly is engaged in hatred, dividing the country, vitriol, etc?

Some choice samples:
I think Alito is better than Luttig - he is on record that women must get their husband's permission to have an abortion. How messed up is that?? We must tell every single person we know about this - send out the emails, write LTEs, call the conservative talk shows and tell the listeners how this guy wants to bring women back to the 1800s, under the domination of their husbands. An Italian male who wants women to have to ask their husbands about a bodily decision...
To this I want to say (1) his ethnicity is irrelevant and thus bringing this up as a point against him is racist. (2) so you want to be anti-choice if a man wants the baby aborted but ends up being forced to pay child support and anti-choice if a man wants to keep the baby but the mother can keep the abortion secret from the father. Another glaring example of the pro-abortion crowd's hypocrisy.
I will leave out the stereotypes when the Italian males I know stop trying to run their wives' lives. Or when Alito stops trying to run womens' lives.
That was the Lefty justifying racism.
I take [Alito's appointment] as a declaration of WAR? We've gotta find a way to scorch the wrongwing on this.
See, who is for dividing the country? The President gets to appoint whomever he wants. Unless the appointee is a criminal they should be confirmed.
New Name for this Chump: ASSholito (nt) :)
Again, namecalling instead of debate. This is typical of the Left in every aspect.
We shouldn't be fighting over Alito at all Dems shouldn't even permit hearings until an independent counsel or commission is appointed to uncover all the treason and fraud at the White House. Period.
Let's see, for Clinton they wanted proof of a crime to warrant investigating the crime. Now they want charges without a crime. Even if I were a liberal I would disassociate myself from these idiots.
If I were a woman I would inform my Husband of our Devorce before I'd inform him of my intention to have an abortion!
Reading all of the points against Alito's position on the husband notification issue makes me more solid that his position is correct. There is not a single valid arguement that holds up to intellectual scrutiny on the opposition.

I end with the thought that makes me happy...the following possibility that is scaring some of the Left:
If they nuke.....and lets say JP Stevens dies... say hello to Justice Janice Rogers-Brown.

One can only hope.


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