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Monday, November 07, 2005

NFL having problems everywhere

--posted by Tony Garcia on 11/07/2005

Terrell Owens has been a problem child for some time. My post about him in July closed with this:
I hope the Eagles stand by their position to not redo Owens' contract. If he becomes too much of a problem throw his whiny, hyper-egotistical ass on the Injured Reserve for the next 6 years of his contract. Let him grow old on the bench.
The Eagles are standing their ground against the moronic "cancer". The Eagles are done with T.O.. Good.
Terrell Owens won't return to the Philadelphia Eagles this season, coach Andy Reid said Monday.
Owens was suspended over the weekend following a tumultuous week in which he criticized the club, fought with a former teammate and took another verbal shot at quarterback Donovan McNabb.

"I do want it to be clear that this decision is a result of a large number of situations that accumulated over a long period of time," Reid said.

Owens "had been warned repeatedly about the consequences of his actions," Reid said. "We gave Terrell every opportunity to avoid this outcome."
What will be interesting to watch is what stupid general manager is going to take Owens. Here is a story that wonders that.
The question now isn't whether Owens is leaving, but when he goes and what team will take a gamble on him.

Whoever does will have to wonder what it will take to make Owens happy, because the seven-year, $48.97 million deal he got from the Eagles last year obviously wasn't good enough. And what team would risk a big signing bonus or a long-term deal on a player who is so self-centered that he threw a fit when his 100th career touchdown reception wasn't properly acknowledged on the stadium's video screen?

It won't be Baltimore because Owens already dissed the Ravens. It won't be in Minneapolis because the Vikings just got done unloading their own problem child. And it won't be in Green Bay because, no matter how Owens feels about Brett Favre, Packers fans like their receivers to be huggable.

Count Redskins quarterback Mark Brunell among those who wouldn't want to throw to someone like Owens.

"If we had any players that were trying to get all the attention and trying to be the focus we wouldn't stand for it," Brunell said. "It wouldn't be allowed. We wouldn't want any part of it."
Still, someone will take a chance. They'll do it because, try as they might, they can't resist the lure of a gamebreaking wide receiver.

The prospect of Owens playing for their team will dazzle them like a brilliant diamond.

It won't be long, though, before they realize this diamond is not only fake, but deeply flawed.
But it is not just the players that are getting into trouble. Some Carolina Panther cheerleaders were arrested.
Two Carolina Panthers cheerleaders were arrested early Sunday morning at a Tampa nightclub after an incident that reportedly began with the two of them having sex.

The Charlotte Observer initially reported that a police report indicated Kristen Owen, 22 and Angela Keathley, 26, were arrested after an incident at Banana Joe's in the city's Channelside district. One cheerleader was charged with battery, the other with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.

According to the Observer, the police report claims the two cheerleaders were having sex with each other in a stall at the bar when other patrons got angry they were taking so long in the bathroom. Then one of the cheerleaders and another person started arguing and the cheerleader hit that person in the face, according to the report.

However, according to a report by Charlotte's WCNC-TV, police have since questioned the identity of one of the cheerleaders, saying another woman may have tried to dupe them by using Owen's drivers license. Police said they have opened an investigation into the identity issue, and a Tampa TV report indicated that police now think that the woman who identified herself as Owen is in fact another Panthers cheerleader, Renee Thomas.

The NFL woes just keep going. Though I wonder what the hecklers will say to the Carolina cheerleaders at the next game.


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