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Monday, December 05, 2005

I have to be fair about it

--posted by Tony Garcia on 12/05/2005

I should get in the habit of posting my hunches when I have them instead of when I confirm them.

As much as I would like the reports of Cindy "Moron Mommy" Sheehan's book signing being a complete flop to be true I always thought that the pictures circulated by the AP and by blogs had something between the lines that was untold. (Picture can be found at this, this, here or many other places.)

The picture shows a dejected looking Moron waiting for people, anyone, to show up for her book signing. What I wanted to know was if the picture was taken BEFORE the tent actually opened up. See, the caption said she was "waiting" for people. Was she waiting for people to be allowed in?

Not that I doubt the media is done whoring her out to the public for their anti-war purposes. I just think that this picture MAYBE had another story behind it.

It turns out that there was a little more behind it. The Washington Post reported
Sheehan found herself addressing a crowd of only about 100 Saturday afternoon. The large tent where supporters had erected a stage hung with the banner "Speak Truth to Power" was only partially full. In the morning Sheehan signed copies of her new book, being published this week, for an even smaller crowd.

The weather did not help. Rain fell hard in central Texas in the early morning before afternoon sunshine but perhaps not before some potential protesters concluded the field and the narrow roads leading to it would be a muddy mess.

But there was a clear sense even among organizers that this holiday weekend was not destined to match the drama or national attention of the 26-day vigil Sheehan and her allies led as they camped at this site last summer. Since then, the protesters have traveled the country, and some were arrested while protesting in front of the White House.
There were people that showed up. So the pictures were a bit misleading.

The good news is that Sheehan's star has faded tremendously. The left is not pimping out her tragedy anymore. Only Sheehan is pimping her tragedy out for her political platform.


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