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Thursday, December 01, 2005

IMP vs RttR and MDE--we are correct

--posted by Tony Garcia on 12/01/2005

As readers around the Minnesota blogosphere may know there is a website called Inside Minnesota Politics. For a while many were considering IMP to be "fair" or somewhat "objective". But we are finding that to be the furthest from the truth.

Since the illusion of their "fairness" has been proven (don't know why MOB took so long to dispel that illusion) to be false IMP has gone on the attack.

First was this post. Minnesota Democrats Exposed picked up on the legal problems with the "hat passing" and posted the picture while properly giving credit. IMP threatened a copyright infringement lawsuit. MDE's ISP (correctly) informed MDE that there would be no case if MDE were to take the picture down...which was done.

IMP claims they hold copyright protection on the picture. This is true if they were the picture taker OR if the picture taker signed over their own rights to protection.

Enter Marty and me. We decided to invite the host, Peter Idusogie, on our show to respond to what would be our commentary on their 6th District Forum analysis. Not only did they decline, but they gave a veiled threat...they claim we cannot use any audio without written consent.

They actually are wrong. A proper fair use defense against a copyright infringement lawsuit is #1 commentary...and the Courts are very protective of political speech and its freedom.

Aside from the subsequent harrassment from Mike McIntee he has hit my blog and the show's blogs, archive and website literally scores of times in the past week. It is for that reason that I know this will be seen by him: Mike, we invite you and/or Peter to call into the show to defend yourselves.

We had more important topics last Sunday and, as fans of Johnny Carson's show understand, the less important things get bumped. This week we plan to talk about, among other things:
..1.. IMP's very bad and biased analysis of the 6th District Forum
..2.. IMP's efforts to bully the opposition and the MDE case
..3.. IMP's threats and timeline of events with Race to the Right (and if I can figure out the station's hardware the voice mails will be played).

I offer this one last comment AGAIN to Mike. I am confident in my (and our lawyer's) readings & interpretations of the Fair Use laws and rulings. If you are confident in your position on the matter then, well, Here We Go.

I have not yet confirmed the final details, but we are also scheduled to discuss this matter on NARN this coming Saturday. Busy day. I'm also trying to get a hold of someone (unnamed at the moment) at KSTP to talk about this whole issue on Monday.


Good luck.


Blogger Pete Arnold said...

From their website, their e-mail address is at a @mac.com site.

This makes sense...

Liberals are a little off.
Mac users are WAY OFF.

combine them together (which is usually done, as a lack of common sense and need to buck whatever system is in place runs true for both mac users and liberals) and you have a toxic combination.

I have no respect for Mac users because of this. and perhaps IMP should take their macs and their lawyers and shove them up their politically correct arrses.

December 02, 2005  

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