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Sunday, December 25, 2005

Reggie Bush And the damn 49ers

--posted by Tony Garcia on 12/25/2005

Damn those Rams...they lost to my 49ers. And that happening made Houston a bit more of a lock for the #1 pick which is being presumed to be the USC phenom running back, Reggie Bush.

Truly, the Texans have bigger needs than a running back, but how do you pass up someone of Bush's caliber? I'm hoping the GM for Houston pursues an offensive lineman in their #1 pick...or maybe a replacement for Carr. The Packers don't need Bush and the Jets don't need Bush. The only teams that really do need Bush are the 49ers and the Saints. I'm hoping that no matter where the 49ers pick Bush will make it to them. That is the hope anyway.

Now for the updated positions.

#1...Houston (2-13) (Strength of Schedule=.556)
#2...New Orleans (3-12) (SoS=.507)
#3T..Green Bay (3-12) (SoS=.520)
#4T..New York Jets (3-11) (SoS=.547)
#5T..San Francisco (3-12) (SoS=.573)

As of this posting the Baltimore/Minnesota game is in the 2nd quarter. A Vikings win will increase Green Bay's strength of schedule, though not likely enough to move the 49ers up at all.

The Jets are playing on Monday night against a Patriots team that has nothing to gain by winning the next two weeks. New England can not earn a 1st round by, they can only improve their own seeding if they win 2 AND Cincinnati loses next week. A Jets win is not terribly out of the question.

Next week's game between Houston and San Francisco may not be as important as previously thought. For San Francisco the fact that Seattle keeps winning hurts their position while Green Bay is being helped by the abysmal performance of Detroit and Minnesota's mediocrity.

If Houston wins next week I would put my money on New Orleans getting the #1 pick. I do not think they can beat Tampa Bay when Tampa will be playing for the division title and the Saints Strength of Schedule is so low that any team tied with their record will lose out.

Damn my 49ers for winning...that moves them from a realistic #1 hopeful to a realistic #4 or #5.

********** UPDATE **********
The Strength of Schedules have been updated after the Sunday night games.

********** UPDATE **********
The Strength of Schedules have been updated after the Monday night game.


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