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Sunday, February 19, 2006

JP's Grille and Bar Event

--posted by Tony Garcia on 2/19/2006

Next Sunday we are having the Race to the Right Answers--No Politics Edition. All of you are welcome to come.

It is at JP's Grille & Bar in Sauk Rapids, MN from 1PM - 3PM. (In fact, we just found out that our boss will be there too...so a big turnout will be very beneficial!!)

It will be trivia games and should be a lot of fun. I am working on a way to have audience participation as well...and NO POLITICS!! What a nice break that will be.

The "contestants" will be Rep. Jim Knoblach, Sen. Michele Bachmann and Jay Esmay.

I was just notified that Rep. Phil Krinkie will not be in attendance after all...less exposure for him in a part of the district that he really needs to get exposure in.

So come on out and have some fun!


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