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Monday, March 20, 2006

Sweet 16

--posted by Tony Garcia on 3/20/2006

Here we are...the Sweet 16 of March Madness 2006.

Atlanta Regional
Duke (1) vs LSU (4)

Texas (2) vs West Virginia (6)

Oakland Regional
Memphis (1) vs Bradley (13)

UCLA (2) vs Gonzaga (3)

Washington DC Regional
U Conn (1) vs Washington (5)

Wichita St (7) vs George Mason (11)

Villanova (1) vs Boston College (4)

Florida (3) vs Georgetown (7)

My computer and online access will be out by tomorrow night until next Monday. We are moving so I will not be around a computer at all. So my predictions are coming early. The bold face teams above are who I think will win. Who I am rooting for is completely different. I almost always root for the lower seeded team. This year I am rooting for all 8 underdogs. You can post your predictions and hopes in the comments.


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