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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Live Blogging from Game 2

--posted by Tony Garcia on 10/04/2006

Almost didn't come today, but I am here. Oakland scored just as I logged into the Twins Territory wireless network.

Middle of the 5th. Coming up is Tyner. The stadium seems more packed than yesterday. We'll see if bears true when they announce the attendance. There is more energy today than yesterday.

It is interesting how quickly the energy leaves the building. As much as I hate to say it someone needs to start the wave so there will be at least some noise.

"Ice cold beer." You can hear them from all around the stadium it is so quiet. Well, until a chop single by Castillo.

The collective "oohs" and "aahs" are pretty cool to listen to. Better with 55,000 than with 25,000 at a normal game.

Great infield hit by Punto. And the crowd finally has some energy. And it is good!!

Back to back homers. The first one was 411 feet and the second was 426. I love how they announce those to the press box within moments.

The electricity now if incredible. Of course, my stomach made me miss the first home run...but the $5.50 dog was worth it.

2-2, B6 and the new Oakland pitcher is Calero. The crowd chanting "Let's go Tyner." Tyner is walked. And then he steals 2nd.

Question: T7, 2-2 and again the place is silent...like a stadium in the pre-game state. Why is that?

Just announced...the back-to-back HR are the 2nd time ever in Twins postseason history. The last time was Oct 4, 1970 against Baltimore...by Killebrew & Oliva.

Foul ball...and a hell-of-a catch by some fan in the back row of section 117. And a pitching change for the Twins...Reyes is coming into the game.

Inside the park home run by Kotsay. Boy did he lose his wheels 1/2 way between 3rd & home. The 2nd inside the park home run in Oakland postseason history. The first one was by Durham on 10/4/02...vs the Twins. And the first one I have seen in person.

OK...when the bottom of the 8th comes up. Unless it is tied up here I will end the live blogging so I can get ready to move down to the post-game conference.

Today's attendance...55,710.

Here we go...bottom of the 8th and coming up is Cuddyer. I'm a little disappointed in the noise from the crowd...moderate cheering and then dead silence for the 1st pitch. C'mon, people...scream! Keep screaming!!

Two quick line drive outs and the crowd is more sedate. Torii dodges a bullet...foul ball JUST out of reach. And strike 2 reaching. Strike 3 reaching...and booing! (The booing was louder than the cheering to start the inning.

Well, that is it for the live blogging. Cheers...and maybe I can again ask a question at the post-game conference.

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