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Friday, November 10, 2006

Election Analysis--Preface

--posted by Tony Garcia on 11/10/2006

This is the first in a series of posts that will make up a big essay about the elections.

Wednesday morning I intended to sleep on the bus to work. I was worn out physically and mentally from the election coverage and preparation for it. The bus pulled out of the park & ride and everything came to me in a flood. I did not sleep, but instead worked on the outline for my commentary. Writing it into my PDA I had no idea how much there was. When I got home I retyped (and formatted for ease in future editing) the outline into my laptop. The outline was 1 1/2 pages. So, the text will be lengthy, but the ideas are complex.

While these posts are being written still the entire thought originated Wednesday morning. I'm not changing the ideas from the original thought, though I may add relevant data or information that came afterwards. Bear this in mind should something change over the course of these posts that makes a part of them wrong or dated. There is one exception at this point...while reading the reactions of bloggers I noticed a few other things. Those will also be a part of the posts and were not part of the original summation.

The outline's basic sections are: Results Analysis, Driving Issues: Myth & Fact, Next Two Years, and 2008 Elections. Originally these were going to be sequential. Because of the length these now are being rewritten to stand on their own. That means that some things might be repeated across posts. Sorry, nature of the beast.

My readers know I write long articles so it should be no surprise when this is finally completed. Some of what I will put here before Sunday is done because I'm saving the meat for Sunday's show.

I have high expectations of my readers. They must be intelligent, capable to understand complex ideas and able to get the meanings out of my bad writing. Additionally they must be able to discuss ideas, events and people. (Elenor Roosevelt: "Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people.")

Finally, I have not heard any analysis, opinions or editorials about the election since several days before the election with one exception. I listen to Glenn Beck every morning. I missed most of Wednesday's show but he was saying the same basic things that I wrote Wednesday morning. I have read a few blogs...including some that I otherwise refuse to read, but none of what I read were either convincing enough to alter my views or were too different from my views.



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