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Thursday, April 28, 2005

DFL lied about conceal carry bill

--posted by Tony Garcia on 4/28/2005

Was I right or what. Earlier today I predicted that the DFL would lie about getting the concealed carry bill onto the Senate floor quickly.

I log in tonight (about 9:30 PM) and see this from Mitch at Shot In The Dark.
An apparent deal to reenact Minnesota's invalidated handgun law disintegrated Thursday over a move to subject it to a Senate committee hearing.

"It's probably not going to happen now," said House Speaker Steve Sviggum, R-Kenyon, who accused his DFL counterpart in the Senate of reneging on a handshake promise to give the measure an immediate floor vote.

Senate Majority Leader Dean Johnson, DFL-Willmar, said he is going forward with new plans to give the bill its first hearing ever in a Senate panel. Because of opposition from fellow DFL senators, he added, if he had stuck to the earlier agreement "the bill would have died."

No, the bill would not have died, you liar, it would have passed and you know it.

Where is the moral indignation from MN Lefty Liberal? He has been commenting on Rep Anderson-Kelliher who was whining about 'the GOP lying' which Lefty replied "Duh" and "You are surprised?"...implying that the GOP's deal are nothing but lies. I guarantee that Lefty will not say a word against the DFL on this one.


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