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Thursday, April 28, 2005

Gun Rights Realized?

--posted by Tony Garcia on 4/28/2005

Here it is. The DFL will allow a vote on the Senate floor of the gun permit law. The 2nd Amendment may well live again.

This article in the Strib has a couple of interesting undernotes that should be pointed out. First, the actual news.

The law that a subjective activist court struck down is going through the House and the DFL controlled Senate says they will let it on the floor there (of course, that remains to be seen).
Regardless of the committee's vote, Johnson said, "the understanding in our caucus is that the bill would return to the floor. ... It will not be buried."

My skepticism of that coming to fruition is high.

The bill is very close to the previous shall-issue concealed carry law that passed in an omnibus bill in 2003 (which was struck down because it was in an omnibus bill). It says that Minnesota citizens that qualify (not felon, not insane, etc) and apply for a concealed carry permit shall be issued one. Currently the sheriff subjectively controls who get have a permit.

That is good news. Now for the subthemes.
Senate Majority Leader Johnson, who voted against the law in 2003 but said he might support it this time

Why? I put the "Bias" tag on this post because every other report that I have heard on this change of heart had to do with the fact that some of the Senate DFLers realized that their main opposition (Minnesota would become the wild west) did not happen. Notice that the Strib gave no explanation for Johnson's change of heart.

Gov. Arne Carlson (RINO) sent a letter that said,
[the bill] significantly expand the right of trespass with a concealed weapon. This seizing of power by the state is completely contrary to traditional conservative values.

Wha-, wha-, WHAT?

With all due respect, Gov. Carlson, you are the last person that should be speaking about "traditional conservative values". You have opposed almost everything that involved "traditional conservative values"...especially since you have left office. You did you job for the GOP...you brought the state from far-left to mushy middle, the GOP now must pull the state to reasonable right and you can't help us with that. So, do the GOP a favor and ride into the sunset of private quiet citizen instead of acting like you are a conservative.

Well, there are more things to watch on this story, but I have work to do.


Blogger lloydletta said...

Arne Carlson was a good governor. The Leviticus crowd couldn't stand him because he signed a bill including gays in the human rights act.

April 29, 2005  

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