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Sunday, April 10, 2005

Finger finder has history of playing litigation lottery

--posted by Tony Garcia on 4/10/2005

The only reason that I am still following this stupid story is because I have had a feeling from the beginning that this was an attempt at being able to take a spin at the litigation lottery.

Turns out, with a hat-tip to the Conservative Princess, it has been discovered that finger finder Anna Ayala has taken many spins at the litig-lotto.

Here is a video report from the AP. Watch this and see if you pick up on the litig-lotto setup.

That's right...I have a hunch that the girl in the sling is a setup for another litig-lotto spin. I could be wrong...I have been wrong before. (I did think that the Democrats would be less filibuster happy after the defeat of Tom Daschle. I was wrong.)

The girl in the sling had her arm fractured by the "terrorists" carrying out the search warrant of her house. Riiiigggghhhttt.

Anyway, back to Anna. She sued her employer for harrassment, El Pollo Loco for making her daughter sick and an auto dealership claiming her wheel fell off her car. Riiiggghhhttt.

Not that it makes too much difference at this point but did I miss the answer to the question of "Why was she in San Jose when she lives in Las Vegas?"

I bet she's sitting in her living room going, "Aye, Dios mio...I did not want national media attention. This will make things difficult."


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