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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

CRNC Chatter: CRNC In-House Fundraising

--posted by Tony Garcia on 5/03/2005

It seems that there is a possibility that Eric Hoplin lied during our conversation on Saturday regarding the strangle hold the "evil RDI" had on 'innocent and naiive youth'.

He claimed that RDI sent all of the fundraising letters on CRNC's behalf, mostly without CRNC's knowledge of the content of the letters.

However, CRNC Chatter claims here that there is a source who claims that not only did the CRNC buy mailing lists from RDI but "sent out fundraising letters nearly identical to the letters sent out by RDI".

That goes a long way away from the "innocent and unknowing" CRNC leaders that Hoplin was portraying.

In fact, according to CRNC Chatter there was a CRNC press release that said they "tripled the output of [the] direct mail program while cutting costs, resulting in an exponential increase in CRNC fundraising."

Hardly supports the claim that there was no hand of Hoplin's in the scandalous methods of lying to seniors to raise money under misleading ponzi-schemes.

Somehow I think that Hoplin will still end up becoming the MN GOP Deputy Chair...and that Eibensteiner will be the Chair...thus furthering the doom of the MN GOP.

By the way, Tim Pawlenty has lost one supporter/defender and vote because of his endorsement of Eibensteiner/Hoplin.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The DFL must be quaking in their boots now that Eric Hoplin's on the job...

May 03, 2005  

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