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Monday, May 02, 2005

GOP and Dems don't want voter preferred primary

--posted by Tony Garcia on 5/02/2005

(H/T: Daly Thoughts)

Democrats acting like Democrats and Republicans acting like Democrats. What do I mean?
The state Republican and Democratic parties plan to sue in the coming weeks to overturn the primary election system voters approved overwhelmingly last fall.
The lawsuit, which will be filed in federal court, will mark the latest round in the parties’ battle to shape the state’s primary election system.

They should respect the wishes of the voters.
In November, they voted 60-40 to approve Initiative 872, which in some ways mimics the blanket primary. It will allow voters to pick candidates from any party. The top two vote-getters, regardless of party, will advance to the November general election, much like in nonpartisan races for city council.

See, I say that this is acting like Democrats because the left constantly goes to court to overturn Propositions in California that are passed overwhelmingly by the voters.

Prop 22, Ban Gay Marriages, won by 22%...Dems went to court because they suddenly did not want to give credence to every vote.

Prop 227, English as Primary language in schools, passed by 22%...Dems felt that the voters, the citizens, were too stupid to know what they wanted. They challenged it.

Prop 209, Ban Race Preferences, passed by 10%...Dems felt that some racial discrimination is good and tried to undo the election results through the courts.

So this story is reporting the Washington GOP joining the Washington Democrats and acting like Democrats in overturning the results of the system.


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