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Sunday, May 01, 2005

Girl Scouts Sue Deadbeat Cookie Buyers

--posted by Tony Garcia on 5/01/2005

Girl Scouts Sue Deadbeat Cookie Buyers Good for them...kind of. I think that the Girl Scouts should enforce the contract/pledge from the would-be buyers.

The amounts owed by two couples and three other women ranged from $301.42 to $1,485.68.

What? Someone owes $1,485.68? A couple of thoughts here.

First, who the hell makes a cookie order for over $1,400? And who takes the order for $1,400 without asking for a deposit? That is, by my figures, well over 400 boxes.

Second, I thought Cookies were priced at $3.50. How did they get such a messed up total? I would normally think sales tax, but the Girl Scouts are tax-exempt.

Third, who actually sold these cookies? Was it the kids who went door to door or something or was it the parents who took the cookie sign-up list to work? In my view, if it was the kid then the pledge is not a valid contract because the kid is a minor and thus cannot engage in legally binding instruments...as the sign-ups would act as a promissary note. If it was the parents who sold the cookies then I have to say to the buyers: Pay up you deadbeat!

UPDATE: Had to change the link...the Yahoo story link was dead.
Go here instead.


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