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Thursday, April 28, 2005

CR vETS for "truth" still rally around thief

--posted by Tony Garcia on 4/28/2005

The CR vETS for "truth" (that is not a typo) again post negativity about their opponent while complaining about the opponents negativity.

See here.

Here is issue number one. Eric Hoplin (now Vice-chair of MN GOP, sadly) together with Paul Gourley (now running for Chair of College Republican National Committee) swindled seniors out of lots and lots of money through deceptive, if not criminal, "fund-raising" letters. The letters were prepared by and mailed by a company called RDI.

According to a Seattle Times article:
The group's fund-raising letters often made it sound like the donors were making crucial contributions to the presidential race and in some cases implied Bush himself was counting on the money. But in fact, the money went to College Republicans, with about 90 percent of donations going back to fund-raising costs and fees to Response Dynamics and affiliated firms, according to reports filed with the Internal Revenue Service.1

And honest conservatives howl if a group has more than 15% not going to the designated cost.

Then there was the lapel pin scam:
four-page letter asked prospects to send $1,000 together with an American flag pin for President Bush to wear to "Republican Headquarters" to ensure that Bush knows "there are millions who are giving him the shield of God to protect him in the difficult days ahead.2

Hoplin & Gourley at first tried to pass off the blame. Hoplin's comment about the fundraising scandal:
We've come to discover that there are a few donors who have been confused, a few donors who have some form of dementia, who aren't entirely sure of the amount of money that they're giving -- and how often they're giving.3

So now comes the damage control.
Hoplin said the College Republicans would discuss refunds with unhappy donors and said he wants to hear from anyone unhappy with fund-raising practices. He said the group has asked Response Dynamics to refund about $15,000 total to four donors. Still pending are requests for about $200,000 in refunds from three other donors.4

Ri-i-i-ight. How is that going? I have not heard anything in the press about the refund. Gourley has not even mentioned the refund, addressed the criminally masterminded fundraising ponzi schemes and has refused to debate his opponent becuase the fundraising issues will have to be addressed then.

So, where does that leave the once proud CRNC? They are left to decide between a candidate for Chair that is vowing change or a candidate in Gourley that is trying to sweep the scandal under the rug. (Sounds a lot like the Ohio school district that was trying to cover up a rape5.)

The supporters who are trying to shed light on the underbelly of the Hoplin-Gourley regime are being slandered compred to a liberal6, compared to Gore/Lieberman7 and other terrible mud-slinging.

In the meantime there is little being done by the Republicans. Do we not care about who leads our groups? Republicans can call their local CR groups and express distaste, put pressure on the kids to realize that it does more harm to have crooks leading the party than to call them to task.

As for me, the CR vETS for "truth" (a staunch supporter of and mudslinger for Gourley) will get some unkind airplay on the radio show. The CRNC, if they elect Gourley, will get very harsh criticism from our show. I will begin the call to prevent any funding...telling caucus members to not send money ever to the CRNC because they are crooks and they coverup the scandals rather than fix them. I will be a harsher critic of Hoplin as part of the MN GOP leadership and possibly resign from the MN GOP...call for a protest by not contributing to the party while it is led by a thief.

I find it very difficult to swallow the pill that these people (Hoplin, Gourley and their supporters) can criticize the Democrats for the same things that they are themselves doing. They are hypocrites and the party should be ashamed of itself.

Finally, capital letters in the English language are very important. It makes the difference between a democratic leader and a Democratic leader, for example. The CR vETS for "truth" know this. They play Clinton-esque word/definition games to mislead people about who they are. To try to earn more credibility they call themselves CR Veterans instead of CR veterans. The "Veterans" implies military service...and their name is a rip-off of the Swiftboat Veterans for Truth who were actual Vets. They hide behind the definition of "veteran" which is someone with experience in a field or such. They actually are CR veterans, they have been in the CRs for some time. But for every instance that they call themselves CR Vets while defending a collection of crooks they are, in reality, metaphorically spitting on the face of us actual Veterans of the Armed Forces.

They know that, and they persist on their spittle. So, when you see "CR vETS" it is not a typo. Instead it is my way of re-emphasizing the fact that they are not Vets. I forsee over the next few years the demise of any group led by these types of liars.

---Notes and Sources---
1 Seattle Times, March 2, 2005
2 Washington Post.com Dec 25, 2004
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5 Chicago Tribune, April 13, 2005
6 Message from Alleged Liberal In Chief, crvetsfortruth.blogspot.com, April 25, 2005
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Anonymous Anonymous said...


You have done nothing but try to tear down the College Republicans during your 20 years in College...you have no reason to discuss the race...you aren't even a College Republican...you are a lame wannabe.

April 28, 2005  
Blogger Tony Garcia said...

1) I'm not Marty.
2) You do not know me so how can you make such comments?
3) Who would be at Earthlink's IP of This is the person that posted the anonymous factless attack here.

But now I will address the "You aren't even a College Republican...you are a lame wannabe" comment.

I was until the mock "elections" run by Kristen Meyer (I think that was 3 years ago now)...where she took her marching order from the state board. They wanted to install Tyler Richter and install they did. Kristen decided that the nomination process would be secretive...nomination requests would be e-mailed to her. She decided AFTER nominations were closed that requests to "run for all positions" were not to be accepted because they "did not specify the positions desired". She then brought her husband in to be parliamentarian for the meeting who ran roughshod over Robert's to make certain that enough of Kristen's/Tyler's opponents were denied the ability to vote. That was just the beginning of the process.

That is the corruption in the CR. I thought it was just a Minnesota CR issue that started with Hoplin in the 90's. The RDI scandal of robbing the elderly showed me that the problem is national. I am not a member so long as this Clintonian style of running a group exists.

However, as a Republican we all have a reason to discuss the race...Meyer, Hoplin, Gourley and their supporters are damaging the standing of the Republican as a whole.

And while working/attending classes at the U of MN I see first hand the damage that the CR's neglect of campus events causes. A regime change is necessary from top down.

April 29, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, "Tony," where were you during the campaign. Those who didn't do shit to get Bush re-elected have no right to bitch and complain. Do some work and then maybe you'll have the right to actually talk about what is going on in MCR!

April 30, 2005  
Blogger Tony Garcia said...

Fair enough question...I will answer that in a posting right now.

April 30, 2005  
Blogger CmptrBug said...

"Anonymous" is obviously someone who knows Marty, because he is too stupid to figure out what blog he is on. Marty might want to conduct a "dick check" and find the guy he knows with the smallest penis (and no balls); that will be the answer to whomever "anonymous" is. If you need help tracking down that IP address of his, I have the software, knowhow, and ability to do it.

Anyway, thanks Tony and Marty, for all of your help with helping Bush get reelected. "Mr. Tiny" has no clue. He obviously has no knowledge, and has not attempted to find out in what ways you contributed. We can certainly do without losers such as this in the Republican party. His hit-and-run tactics on the blogs is similar to that of the political brainlessness of a democrat.

April 30, 2005  
Blogger CmptrBug said...

Actually, it just dawned on me. I think I ran into this guy at the convention this morning. I know who this is....!

April 30, 2005  
Blogger CmptrBug said...

P.S. and he did have no dick!

April 30, 2005  
Blogger Dylan said...

Hey Tony, I think you and Angela should get back together

April 30, 2005  
Blogger CmptrBug said...

I take it back. I traced down the IP through the router and to the address, then I cross-referenced the address. This is a CR person. He obviously didn't like what you had to say about the CRs, and is too stupid to go head-to-head with you refuting the points you mentioned like a civilized person. About what I'd expect from the CRs, they are one step away from Marxism. Yeah, I know this guy....no dick. I'll email you, Tony, with the name of this guy. He's a peon in the CRs.

April 30, 2005  

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