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Sunday, May 01, 2005

Defrocked lesbian minister wins appeal

--posted by Tony Garcia on 5/01/2005

Here it is again. A case of a religion being led by the people instead of the people being led by the religion.

People ask me why I am a diest. My answer is that I cannot recognize the validity of a church whose doctrine is evolving in accordance to the decadent congregation. Church doctrine, in my view, should lead the people and not the people leading the doctrine.

A lesbian Methodist minister defrocked last year after admitting to living with a woman won her appeal against the church's decision because it had not defined "practicing homosexual"

Give me a break. It is very clear what the rules intended. But a committee of the church decided that rather than following the doctrine and the rules they would instead create a technicality. Rather than having some intestinal fortitude and taking an actual stand on the rule the leaders took the coward way out.

The issue here is not "gay rights" even the gay activists will erroneously hold this case up as such. The issue here is about whether a church (already treated with hostility from the courts, the left and atheists) should follow the whims of the congregation or if the church, right or wrong, should hold to their beliefs. If they believe that this woman should be allowed as a minister then the church also needs to come out and say they find nothing wrong with homosexuality. Otherwise they need to stick to their principles and not allow her to be a minister.

And the woman should not have engaged in subtrofuge to obtain a position as minister and then reveal herself. That alone was a malicious attempt to subvert her "beloved" church's doctrine. If you do not like the doctrine then leave the church. The church is not government...it is not a democracy of the congregation. At least, it should not be.
Churches should have a set of core beliefs and the members should decide if they are aligned with those beliefs or not. If not, they should find another religion.

This woman should be defrocked simply for the fraud that she perpetuated prior to becoming minister.


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