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Sunday, May 01, 2005

Thank you to...

--posted by Tony Garcia on 5/01/2005

Today I passed the 2000 hits mark. I know that I'm not setting any records, but I'm glad that the readership is growing. 2000 hits since March 19th.

Word of mouth is one of the fastesst ways to grow. With that I want to thank the top 5 referring sites, in no particular order:
Save The GOP
Martin Andrade
People's Republic of Minnesota
CRNC Chatter
SCSU Scholars
Kennedy vs the Machine

Thank you to all of the referring sites and thank you to all of the readers. I welcome any feedback and I am trying to be more responsive to the comments...so feel free to leave them.


Blogger Scott Wacholtz said...

This is an excellent blog site. Very informative and alot of fun to read. Well done! Thanks

May 01, 2005  

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