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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Cured of AIDS

--posted by Tony Garcia on 11/17/2005

Andrew Stimpson in 2002 tested HIV-positive. Andrew Stimpson in 2003 tested HIV-negative. Somehow without treatment his body erradicated the HIV virus from itself.

This story has a few twists that make it very difficult for societies.
Andrew Stimpson, 25, was diagnosed HIV-positive in 2002 but was found to be negative in October 2003 by Chelsea and Westminster Healthcare NHS Trust.

Mr Stimpson, from London, said he was "one of the luckiest people alive".

The trust said the tests were accurate but had been unable to confirm Scotsman Mr Stimpson's cure because he had declined to undergo further tests.

A statement from the trust said: "This is a rare and complex case. When we became aware of Mr Stimpson's HIV negative test results we offered him further tests to help us investigate and find an explanation for the different results.
So his body holds MAYBE the answer to AIDS. Of course more tests are needed...

"So far Mr Stimpson has declined this offer."

A trust spokeswoman added: "We urge him, for the sake of himself and the HIV community, to come in and get tested.
So he does not want to submit himself for more testing.

The question is...Considering that HIV will kill an estimated 35 million people should this guy be forced to submit to testing?


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