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Monday, December 26, 2005

NFL Playoffs

--posted by Tony Garcia on 12/26/2005

The playoff picture is becoming more clear. In the AFC there are only two questions...will Kansas City or Pittsburgh make the Playoffs and who will be the #3/#4 seeds? Pittsburgh controls its own destiny. If they win they will go to Cincinnati in the first round of the playoffs. (View all of the playoff scenarios here.) All of the seedings are otherwise set.
#1..Indianapolis (1st Round Bye)
#2..Denver (1st Round Bye)
#3..Cincinnati or New England (Home vs #6)
#4..New England or Cincinnati (Home vs #5)
#6..Pittsburgh or Kansas City

The NFC is a little murkier. There are 3 spots up for grabs between 4 teams. Carolina, Tampa Bay and Washington control their own destinies. If they win they are in. However, if Tampa Bay or Carolina lose then the Sunday night St Louis at Dallas game has meaning...if Dallas wins then they are in.

Washington over Dallas (Head to Head)
Washington over Carolina (Conference Record)
Washington over New York (Conference record)
New York over Dallas (Division record)
Tampa Bay over Carolina (Division record)
Tampa Bay over Washington (Head to Head)
Dallas over Tampa Bay (depending on Strength of Victory)
Dallas over Carolina (Head to Head)
at 11-5 Carolina over New York (Conference Record), at 10-6 New York over Carolina (Conference record)
at 11-5 Tampa Bay over New York (Conference record), at 10-6 New York over Tampa Bay (Strength of Scehdule...assuming Strength of Victory is still tied)

The seedings...are still up in the air.
#1..Seattle (1st Round Bye)
#2..Chicago (1st Round Bye)
#3..Likely to be NFC South winner (home vs #6)
#4..Likely to be NFC East winner (home vs #5)

********** UPDATE **********
Made correction to AFC seeding.


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