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Thursday, December 08, 2005


--posted by Tony Garcia on 12/08/2005

I love that "Next Blog" button.

I came across one called Google Video of the Day and the blogger is Michael Martine. He pulls some interesting stuff.

He takes various Google Videos and puts them on his blog. One description that really caught my eye said:
Wow! This guy is amazing: a very Jackie Chan-like romp through abandoned properties in Russia at a breakneck run. Another guy joins him after a few minutes, and he's obviously not as good. There appears to be no safety measures of any kind taken, which makes this pretty dangerous. I don't know if this is a well-practiced routine, or not, but it definitely is worth a watch. This is another longer video for the weekend (though not too long).
Yep, I was intrigued enough to actually open it and watch some of it. Coooooool stuff.

It is called Awesome Russian Freestyle Acrobatics in Abandoned Buildings. Watch it.


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