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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Bachmann's mentality--just another politician

--posted by Tony Garcia on 3/28/2006

It seems that another BPOU has fallen victim to Bachmann's ethical challenges.

I will next point out I have been consistently against using the grey area of "unethical yet legal" in campaigns.

What is a shame is the number of Republicans who are blinded by the need to win. More accurately is the number of Republicans who are blinded by the need for THEIR candidate to win. When it is their candidate then "it is the system we have".

I find the practice of fixing the endorsement a sign of weakness. Bachmann knows that she is the weaker of the candidates and cannot risk allowing the endorsement in the hands of a group of individually thinking people. Instead she has to find people who cannot think independently, cannot stand up in the convention when running for delegate and speak their mind ("vote for me because I'm a Bachmann robot supporter"), who have to be told exactly who to vote for because they lack the cognitive ability to decide for themselves.

What is more sickening is that people cannot see through the fact that the game is rigged and standing ovations at the end of Bachmann's empty rhetoric is a part of the scam.

What Bachmann is doing is ANTI-grassroots. To believe Bachmann's lie that she is the "grassroots candidate" is to believe anything you hear. Furthermore the fact that she has adopted an "anything to win" mentality proves to me why she should NOT go to Washington. I would even go so far as to say that she should not be in St Paul but that is not within my control.

Warning to the Bachmann campaign...you better NOT try this crap at my BPOU. I have no problem rolling up the sleeves and playing nasty right back. What you are doing is 100% about winning, not at all about doing what is right. I also have no problem doing the same at the 6th CD convention.

What is the most disappointing is the Bachmann slate members who are "Republicans". Republicans have been preaching since Clinton's days that character matters. This tactic from Bachmann may be legal, it may be within the rules and it may prove organizational skills. It also proves a lack of character. Bachmann is interested in one thing: Winning. That means that everything else (principles, morals, ethics, platform, etc) take a second seat at best. With all due respect (what little is due) that is the type of person that ruins this country, politics and everything that the Founders wanted.

I am disappointed in the party's members for not recognizing this for what it is. The moral character of the party is disintegrating before my eyes this year.

********** UPDATE **********
Within the four candidates I am looking at their positions as well as the intangibles. Being just another slimeball politician who exudes the win-with-any-means or ends-justify-the-means mentality is something I do not support. I have decided to make this problem (fixing the endorsement process) a deduction. The manner it is being done is offensive and will have serious repercussions for the party in the future. Therefore I have adjusted Bachmann's score by - 2 bringing her new total to -17.


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