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Monday, March 20, 2006

Sports Archive Upgrade

--posted by Tony Garcia on 3/20/2006

Some people might not find this to be an upgrade...but one or two people might.

As some of you may know there are pages in the archives for each of the following sports organizations:
Major League Baseball
National Basketball Association
National Football League
NCAA Football
NCAA Basketball

Each of those have pages for the teams within those organizations (except for the Olympics and NCAA which have instead pages for each conference with a list of the schools and their logos within those conferences). Those team pages all have newsfeeds so you can keep up to date on your favorite teams.

NOW there are three more leagues with all of the pages contained within the archives.
Arena Football League
Major League Soccer
Women's National Basketball Association

Check 'em out...and keep track of your favorite teams. Whether it you like the Lynx, Real Salt Lake, Avengers, Yankees, Celtics, Steelers, Red Wings or any other professional team you can be on top of everything that is happening with them.


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