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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Pawlenty puffs chest for no good reason

--posted by Tony Garcia on 12/29/2005

(H/T: Speed Gibson)
What really has Tim Pawlenty done for the conservatives?
Pawlenty spokesman Brian McClung said Pawlenty’s bold style puts him at greater risk for setbacks but also bears out a vision and maverick streak that will resonate with Minnesotans.

Since being elected, McClung said, Pawlenty has taken on "Big Pharma," through his relentless push for importation of cheaper Canadian drugs; "Big Oil," through his biodiesel and ethanol initiatives, and "Big Tobacco," by boosting cigarette prices to a level that lowers smoking rates.

"Most governors would be reluctant to take on one of those cartels, let alone all three," McClung said. "He’s a maverick. This is a governor who doesn’t shy away from a big battle with powerful opponents when he’s doing something he thinks is right."
I think that Speed Gibson and Our House sum up the problem with this best.

From Speed Gibson:
There's no real courage being shown here, confronting three unpopular businesses. Not opponents - businesses.

How about taking on Big Education, Mr. Pawlenty? Where were you when Cheri Yecke was under attack? Where was your outrage when she was ambushed by Senate Democrats? Why does your vaunted Q-Comp pay without any competent evidence of improvement?

How about taking on Big Entertainment, Mr. Pawlenty? Why are you campaigning to subvert a very reasonable State law in order to impose a tax that voters would otherwise not approve? Why are you supporting the Gopher football stadium, the weakest case of all?

How about taking on Big Environment, Mr. Pawlenty? There's no case for Ethanol or bio-Diesel. They don't save oil, don't reduce pollution, but do clog our engines. There's no competent research underlying and justifying these smoking bans, but you're ready to sign a statewide ban that will close out dozens more establishments, careers, and nesteggs.

And most of all, how about taking on Big Government? Why did you throw in the tax increase towel early last spring? What happened to the fiscal discipline of your first two years? What's all this talk of "fun" stuff that we now have to pay for?

From Our House:
Why is it that when Republicans want to appear "bold" they begin to sound like Democrats? Big Oil, big Pharma, and Big Tobacco?! Who would have guessed that these were winning Republican themes?

Further, Pawlenty is not really taking on these big interests so much as harming consumers. Do you think "big tobacco" is paying those increased "health impact fees?" No, it is consumers. Why was the biodiesel initiative put on hold? Because the stuff was gunking up consumers’ fuel lines! Come on, how politically risky were these moves really, except insofar as they piss off his base.

And why is it that the GOP should just hand over the endorsement again in 2006? I see no reason to endorse Pawlenty regardless of who challenges him. I vote no confidence if there turns out to be no one running against him in the GOP.


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