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Saturday, December 31, 2005

Tice to be fired

--posted by Tony Garcia on 12/31/2005

(H/T: The Sports Pulse)
According to a WCCO breaking story Mike Tice is done.
WCCO Radio is reporting Vikings Coach Mike Tice may be out of a job.

Tice's contract is up after this year and WCCO Radio's Dark Star said sources close to the story told him Vikings owner, Zygi Wilf, will relieve Tice of his duties Monday.

A meeting is scheduled between Mike Tice and Zygi Wilf for Monday.

WCCO-TV's Mike Max spoke with one Vikings coach Friday afternoon who said if that is the case, Tice is not aware of it.
You almost have to feel sorry for him. Is he really that clueless?

Maybe he is. He was on KFAN this past Wednesday talking about this past season. It was a successful season, they pulled out of a 2-5 rut and he was calling them a 9-7 team (thus predicting a win against the #2 team in the NFC, Chicago). They were in the playoff hunt up to last week.

So I called. "I understand you're saying this is a moderately successful season since you were mathmetically in the playoffs up to last week. You're 8-7, but would you comment on the fact that 6 of your 8 wins were against teams that were mathematically in the hunt for the #1 pick?"

His reply was completely clueless to the point that they could only beat the absolute worst of the league. "I don't want to get into a debate with you, sir, about the schedules. Everyone plays bad teams..."

True, but it is the ones that beat the mediocre and good teams that can call themselves "successful".

"...and Chicago had the same schedule as us."

The host then completed my point (I couldn't since they hung up on me as Tice began talking)..."Yeah, but coach Chicago is beating the other teams also. They're beating the good teams." Tice replied, "Well we can't do anything about the schedule."

Is he really that daft? Is he really that unable to assess the situations around him? If so, then the Vikings have no choice but to fire him.


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