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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Ethics issue for Bachmann

--posted by Tony Garcia on 4/12/2006

It seems that there is a hearing scheduled today relating to Michele Bachmann. Here is the information on the hearing this afternoon: 3:00pm, Ladyslipper Conference Room (Centennial Building - Ground Floor), the hearing, btw, is open to the public. I wish I could make it there.

Why is there a hearing? Because there seems to be some kind of campaign financing violation. Now it is all over my head but I think Bachmann went to a parade in Stillwater, 2005 Stillwater Lumberjack Days to be exact. According to the pictures it seems to be a Bachmann for Congress attendance. I could be wrong. I mean, all of the Bachmann for Congress signs, shirts and stickers (including worn by Bachmann on her atrocious "Vote for Pedro" shirt) make me think that. The people on horseback wearing Bachmann for Congress shirt...maybe I'm wrong about this being a Bachmann for Congress ordeal.

Now, according to her State Senate campaign financing report, page 3 of the Expenditures, it say she paid for related expenses to some parade. 2005 Stillwater Lumberjack Days to be exact, and the amount reported as paid for by the State Senate funds was $300.

I'm looking and have not found the reporting on the FEC (the Bachmann for Congress finance reports).

This would not be the ONLY issues she has had with keeping her campaign finance reports above board. The FEC had some issues earlier in the year. That is why it is so easy to believe that Bachmann's coming excuse (an oversight) holds very little water.

Character, people, character matters. If someone is already having these kinds of issues with campaign finance laws then how easy is it to get sucked into the seedier side of Washington (Abramoff)? Quite easy.

We should demand a higher standard from elected officials...and that starts with the candidates.


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