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Monday, October 16, 2006

The Best Form of Gun Control is Controling Your Guns

--posted by Pete Arnold on 10/16/2006

A friend and I went to the range, As I try to take someone with me to spread the joy of firearms, and so I have a witness that I'm not putting the target out 5 feet and BS'ing my results. I was quite pleased with my results from this weekend.

Both targets are the result of Me and my Walther p99 40 Cal pistol (My C&C weapon):
Click for a larger image

When I go, I usually try to throw a target or two back 75 feet and plink at it once. The target is back so far you can barily see the black part of the target (which measures about 8" in diameter), let alone the bullet hole, so after one shot I bring the target in and see how I did. Not too shabby, no?

I think it is very important to instill not only respect for firearms, but knowledge of how to use them safely at an early age. Its odd how our second amendment right guarantees everyone the right to own firearms, but nothing about their safety or history is mentioned in public schools, isn't it? Perhaps less people would be accidentally hurt by them if proper education was enforced from early on.

If people are arguing for the removal of something that’s as protected as our freedom of speech, which obviously can't be removed, then why not educate people instead? After all, would one not argue that the education and enlightenment of someone is far better then taking away what one is not educated about?

The 75 foot'er with a pistol is just to show off. One of these weekends I'll to convince Tony to go with.



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