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Monday, October 09, 2006

MLB League Championships 2006

--posted by Tony Garcia on 10/09/2006

Well, I am 0-4 so far. Admittedly I did pick the Mets to lose against better judgement. So let's look as the LC Series.

The Athletics were the first team to complete their 1st round sweep. They did so in convincing fashion. Part of this is because the Twins overachieving finally ended, part of this is because, well, Oakland is a talented and capable team. The Tigers have been considered one of the better teams in the League. Except for two HUGE slumps they would have run away with the AL's best record. Instead they ended up losing the division and nearly losing a playoff spot. They are back on track and demonstrated that with their dismissal of Yankees. Good series coming, maybe, but I am picking the Tigers in 6. TradesSports investors have the series at as a toss-up.

The Cardinals limped into the playoffs, the Mets coasted. The Cardinals fought for their 4-game victory. The Mets cruised to a sweep. I really do not see how the Cardinals can pull this one out. Mets in 5...if the Cardinals are lucky. TradeSports investors are not so confident (since they got burned in the first round as well). They have the Mets with a 62% chance of winning the NL Pennant.

As for the World Series the TradeSports investors are undecided on who will win the World Series. The Tigers, Mets & Athletics are all listed at about a 27% chance while the Cardinals are at a 17% chance.

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