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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Yankees Cory Lidle's plane crashes into Manhattan Building

--posted by Pete Arnold on 10/11/2006

Hot off the internet, Yankees pitcher feared dead. So far, this is what we know:

  • The plane is registered to New York Yankees pitcher Cory Lidle
  • NYFD Confirms that one person has been killed.
  • Fighter planes scrambled throughout the nation, though Terrorism is not probable.
  • Reports have indicated that the plane was possibly having a fuel problem.

    More info as we get it.
**********UPDATE 10/11 9:30pm**********
Its confirmed now. Yankees pitcher Cory Lidle and his instructor were killed. Thats Two people dead (from reports thus far). The building they crashed into was a 50 story high-rise apartment, which was evacuated and until firefighters mopped up.



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